So, we have some breweries – 31 currently active, with more on the way!


Deschutes Brewery – 1988 Bend


Founded in 1988 as a brewpub in Downtown Bend, Deschutes Brewery is one of the largest craft brewing companies in the United States with an annual production output of nearly a quarter of a million barrels and distribution across the United States which will be supported by a East Coast production facility in Virginia. With pub locations in Bend and Portland they are going strong. ››



Cascade Lakes Brewing – 1994 Redmond & Bend

Cascade Lakes Brewing was the second brewery to open it’s doors in the region, back in 1994, making Redmond its home town. They started as a production brewery bottling their beers only – but finding that simply selling their beer by the bottle wasn’t enough, they opened their 7th Street Brewhouse in 1996 and that quickly became a popular place to be in Redmond. Their popular Lodge in Bend followed in 2004, and several other locations ensures you can always find their beer. ›› 



Bend Brewing Company – 1995 Bend

The “BBC” was established in 1995 in downtown Bend overlooking the Deschutes River, making it Bend’s second-oldest brewery (and third in Central Oregon after Cascade Lake). It hit a nice stride in town as a laid-back alternative to Deschutes: when you couldn’t get in the door at the Deschutes Pub, you could almost certainly find a comfortable spot at the BBC, and it quickly became a local favorite. ››



Silver Moon Brewing – 2001 Bend

Silver Moon started out from humble beginnings: original owner Tyler Reichert bought the local homebrew shop and started building out a brewing and kitchen area in the back of the building. Before long, he launched his pico-scale brewery on a one-barrel brew system, and began distributing to accounts around Bend. This was in 2001, today Matt Barrett and James Watts have turned a small dream to solid reality by becoming the new owners of Silver Moon Brewery. They’ve grown by leaps and bounds with a great pub location, large brewing facility in Redmond, awards, and solid beers. ››



McMenamins Old St. Francis School – 2004 Bend

If you’ve spent any time in Oregon and Washington you’re probably already familiar with the McMenamins chain of breweries, pubs, and restaurants, and their penchant for taking historic properties and repurposing them into cool, funky venues like theater pubs, cigar bars, hotels, and more. The Old St. Francis School fills the “McMenamins niche” in Bend nicely and does it with style. ››



Three Creeks Brewing – 2008 Sisters

Sisters, Oregon received its first craft brewery in 2008 with Three Creeks Brewing, and visiting early on you could tell this was going to be successful: solid beers, solid food, and providing Sisters (a picturesque “Old West” town largely dependent on tourism) with a much-needed brewpub. ››



Boneyard Beer – 2009 Bend

Boneyard Beer, located on the eastern edge of downtown Bend in an unlikely warehouse brewery that looks like it should be repairing cars (original brewery & tap room), is simply one of the best and most popular breweries around right now, with local favorites like RPM IPA, Hop Venom, Femme Fatale, and the rare, 14% alcohol Suge Knite (among others) leading the charge. Established in 2009, Boneyard has gained a following for their unapologetic style – both with their beer and their breweries. ››



GoodLife Brewing – 2011 Bend

GoodLife entered the Bend beer scene three years ago with a splash, with a new 30-barrel brewing system, enormous warehouse space, a “beer hall” styled pub serving both their own and several other guest beers, and a large outdoor Biergarten that opens up during the summer – and then took the people’s choice favorite beer at the Bend Brewfest to boot. They are also the first Central Oregon brewery to can their beers, releasing their Descender IPA and Sweet As Pacific Ale in the early spring of 2013. ››



The Ale Apothecary – 2012 Bend

The Ale Apothecary opened its barn-style doors in 2012 under the aegis of Founder/Brewer Paul Arney, formerly of Deschutes Brewery, and is doing things no one else in the region is doing—things like mashing beer in a giant hollowed out spruce tree trunk (a “kuurna”), incorporating wood into nearly every step of the brewing process, and embracing the wild. These are beers unlike most anything else you will find in Central Oregon (and much of beyond).



Crux Fermentation Project – 2012 Bend

Open fermenters, decoction mashing, barrel aging, crazy yeast varieties… there are a lot of interesting things to get excited about and there’s really no one else in Bend with the exception of Paul Arney at The Ale Apothecary doing this type of almost-experimental, artisanal-yet-commercial type of brewing. Crux is impressive in the depth and breadth of its beer offerings, and has quickly become a hugely popular locals’ favorite with some outstanding beers. ››



Shade Tree Brewing – 2012 Redmond

A one man operation using Boneyard’s first brew kettle and mash tun, it’s a 5 bbl system with components sourced from several breweries, re-engineered to be as efficient (green) as possible. Pristine Central Oregon well water and longer conditioning times as well as a completely hands on non automated brewing process make for a more unique product.



Ochoco Brewing Company – 2012 Prineville

Prineville, situated just west of the Ochoco Mountains, has its first brewery! Opening its doors in 2011 as a restaurant, self-trained brewmaster and owner Joseph Barker had always intended for Ochoco Brewing Company (formerly known as Solstice Brewing) to become a brewery – when the time was right – and that time came December 2012, when they poured their first Pale Ale! Whether you are a local happy to finally have your very own hometown brewery, or a camper, mountain biker, or fisherman just passing thru, stop by Ochoco Brewing Company for some pub fare and tasty pints! Cheers!


Smith Rock Brewing – 2012 Redmond

Smith Rock Brewing brings Redmond’s tally up to three breweries! They opened up as a brewpub with a small (half-barrel) brewing operation in place even as they work on expanding into a bigger system. Good food, a solid guest taplist, a great neighborhood location, and their own tasty beers have made Smith Rock one to watch – and visit often!



Sunriver Brewing – 2012 Sunriver & Bend

If you’re looking for the ultimate resort experience in Central Oregon, Sunriver is the place – and guess what – there’s a brewery there! Sunriver Brewing Company opened their doors July 2012 serving a variety of local craft beer, but shortly thereafter their very own ale was tapped. They are currently in the process of building out a new 15-barrel brewery and are sure to take it to the next level. ››



Bridge 99 Brewery – 2013 Bend

Trever Hawman – head brewer moved to Bend to pursue a career in building, but after taking a Home Brewing class organized by the COHO he was hooked. What started out as a hobby quickly became a passion project in which Trever would spend hours learning about the subtleties of the brewing process and in-turn build a brewing system that he knew could produce beers to his standards. ››



Oblivion Brewing – 2013 Bend

With 20+ years of brewing experience under his belt, a former head brewer for SLO Brewing (now Firestone Walker) slaps on his rubber boots and heads straight for Obilvion! ››




RiverBend Brewing Company – 2013 Bend

RiverBend Brewing Company has a fire pit/bar/table outdoor area and a menu featuring locally sourced items.  And with their very own 12-barrel brewing capacity across the parking lot, it has the makings of a great pub for locals to have a good time throwing back a tasty pint while watching some sports on one or all fifteen of their flat screens! ››



Worthy Brewing – 2013 Bend

One of Bend’s flashiest breweries, Worthy opened with a big splash this year on the east side with an impressive brewery, fantastic restaurant, biergarten, and big plans including having both a canning and bottling line. “Flashiest” doesn’t mean “flash in the pan” though – they have the chops and the beer that have helped already make them one of the most popular places in town. ››



Juniper Brewing – 2014 Redmond

Redmond’s 5th brewery, named after a tree you see pretty much all over Central Oregon. Owners Scott Lesmeister and Curtis Endicott have turned their 8 years of home brewing experience into a 2 barrel brewery and tap room. If you’re on the way from or to the airport, stop on by, they’re on the way! ››



North Rim Brewing – 2014 Bend

A brewery with a 10 barrel system making traditional Northwest style ales and Belgian inspired ales like their Single Track IPA, Skyline Belgian Pale, and Roundabout Stout.



Wild Ride Brewing – 2014 Redmond

Redmond’s 6th brewery – these guys mean business. Starting off with a brewer whose previous adventures include Kona Brewing and Laurelwood. In just a short amount of time, they have become the go to brewery in Redmond. Cheers!. ›› 


Monkless Brewing – 2014 Bend

Two partners realize there’s a need for some Belgian brews in “Beer Town USA”, and Monkless Belgian Ales is born. Cheers!


Craft – 2015 Bend

Craft meets kitchen and a 3.5 bbl brewing system overlooking the Deschutes river in Bend. Cheers!


Kobold Brewing – 2015 Bend

Longtime Bend resident and award winning home brewer starts his very own “nano” brewery – The last “west side” brewery to get a permit to brew commercially by the City of Bend. Cheers!


Immersion Brewing – 2016 Bend

Immerse yourself in this pub for the populus located between Downtown and The Old Mill District in Bend. A “Brew-it-yourself” family owned pub offers distinct brews and a home brewers a chance to try out their recipes on a production scale. Cheers!