Single Malt Single Hop Fest 2015

Archive list of 2015 SMaSH Beer Participants

Bend SMaSH Brews

bend-brewing-logoBend Brewing Co › SMaSH › Ludwig*

Brewer › Ian Larkin
Style › German Style Pilsner
Malt › Weyermans Pilsener
Hops › Hallertau Mittelfruh
ABV › 5%
IBU › 28
Description ›  This traditional German Pilsner was brewed with 100% Weyermans Pilsner Malt, and German Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. This lager pours a clear, straw color with a white lingering head. Ludwig’s flavor is clean, crisp, and light, with a smooth yet spicy hop bitterness. The perfect beer for summer. Prost!
*2013 North American Beer Awards – Gold Medal Winner!

boneyard-beer-logoBoneyard Beer › SMaSH › Qualified (AKA Bone Light)

Brewer › Tony Lawrence
Style › ISA
Malt › Pils & 2 Row**
Hops › Mosaic
ABV › 4.3
IBU › 35
Description › Jokingly called an ASA (American Session Ale), but ISA is just more recognizable. We were thinking about spring and summertime enjoyment from the start, so we wanted it to be light on its feet with this refreshing citrusy character.
**Although technically not a SMaSH, it’s really close – but not eligible for the People’s Choice Award. Some tasty suds nonetheless. Enjoy! 

Crux Fermentation Project › SMaSH › KASMASH! – Kolsch on steroids

Brewer › Team Crux
Style › Imperial Experimental IPA
Malt › Canadian Pilsner
Hops ›Experimental Yakima Valley
ABV › 7.5%
IBU › 60
Description › Kolsch on steroids is probably the best description. Light in color due to only pilsner malt, but lots of it weighing in at 17 Plato Original Gravity. Bitter and hoppy due to two pounds of per barrel of experimental hops from our friends in Yakima. 15% of the hops were added at the start of boil, then 5% in the whirlpool and then 25% in the hopback and finally the rest as dry hops. What we’re expecting is notes of tropical fruit, coconut, and bourbon. No bourbon barrels were hurt or used in brewing this beer!

Deschutes BreweryDeschutes Brewery › SMaSH › Nugget Zilla

Brewer(s) › Ben Kehs
Style › NWPA
Malt › 2 Row
Hops › Experimental #06297 “Nugget Zilla”
ABV › 6.4%
IBU › 51
Description › Aromas and flavors of fruit, pine, and spice stem from an experimental hop known as Nugget Zilla. Two row malt makes for crisp, easy drinking.

McMenamins Old St. Francis SchoolMcMenamins Old Saint Francis School › SMaSH › SMaSHed Perles

Brewer › Michael “Curly” White
Style › Special Bitter
Malt › Gambrinus ESB Malt
Hops › Perle
ABV › 4.6%
IBU › 38
Description › The 2015 edition of the OSF SMaSH beer is once again something unique! Using only ESB Malt that gives the beer a mellow mouth feel similar to an English Special Bitter. Then we added in solely Perle hops. A touch of floral aromatics is where the beer starts. Then moving forward to an herbal and spicy hop character that really brings you to this quaff. Never has Perles been so apparent in a beer like this SMaSH concoction. Enjoy a pint of this all around mellow ale that show cases the unique malt flavor with a delicious hop content!

NorthRim Brewing › SMaSH › Misty Mountain Pale
Brewer › Shane Neilsen
Style › American Pale Ale
Malt › Crystal 5L
Hops › Cascade
ABV › 6%
IBU › 50
Description › Light American pale ale with just enough hops to give a balance of flavor. Great beer to take to the river or the mountain.

Oblivion BrewingOblivion Brewing › SMaSH › Heaven Centennial
Brewer › Darin Butschy
Style › German Amber Ale
Malt › 10L Munich
Hops › Centennial (whole flower)
ABV › 4.5%
IBU › 61
Description › A light amber ale brewed with German Munich malt and whole flower Centennial hops! This brings hints of citrus and spice. The profile combines a sweet yet mellow characteristic creating an easy drinking summer session ale, Bursting with aroma, that smells like the flowers were sent straight from Heaven!

River-BendRiverBend Brewing › SMaSH › German Horse Muffin

Brewer › Kyle Schwenk
Style › Blonde Ale
Malt › Best Malz Heidelberg
Hops › Hallertau Blanc
ABV › 4.7%
IBU › 25
Description › For this years SMASH brew we decided to marry two German ingredients into one sessionable experimental beer.  On the malt side, we used Heidelberg, from German malting company Best Malz.  This malt is produced to be extremely light in color and to impart a fresh, rounded flavor.  We partnered this malt with Hallertau Blanc hops.  Released in 2012, this hop is one of several new German varieties bred in response to the beer industries demand for new and bold flavor profiles.  With Cascade hop parentage, Hallertau Blanc is said to have a white wine bouquet.  Aromas evident could be floral and fruity, with hints of  grapefruit, pineapple, grape, or lemongrass.

Shade-Tree-BrewingShade Tree Brewing › SMaSH › Sorachi SMaSH
Brewer › Larry Johnson
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Mecca Grade Pelton
Hops › Sorachi Ace
ABV › 6.5%
IBU › 40
Description ›  Local Mecca Grade with Sorachi hops made for Sapporo with complex aroma and flavor characteristics.

Worthy BrewingWorthy Brewing › SMaSH › 12 Watts Altbier

Brewer › Jacob Zuchowski
Style › NW Alt
Malt › Briess Ashburne
Hops › Buzz Bullet
ABV › 5.5%
IBU › 40
Description › Description: Power up proper with our clean crisp Northwest Altbier harnessing the wattage of spanking new Buzz Bullet Hops out of Yakima. Floral, citrusy hop aroma with Old World noble spice. Amber in color. Kolsch yeast. Briess Ashburne Malt. If the average brain generates 12 watts idle, what can yours do on our SMASH beer?

Prineville SMaSH Brew

Solstice Brewing Ochoco Brewing Company › SMaSH › Here a Hop, there a Hop
Brewer › Joseph Barker
Style › Golden Ale
Malt › Briess
Hops › Crystal
ABV › 4.5%
IBU › 28
Description ›  This beer starts with an early morning, some crystal hops and a lot of Briess Pilsner malt. Although its extra pale ale this brew was lightly hopped during mash and first runnings to tease your pallet from front to back. Dry hopped with a little more crystal just to kick the nose into gear and balance a crisp finish. Here a hop, there a hop, everywhere a hoppy hop.

Redmond SMaSH Brews

Cascade-LakesCascade Lakes Brewing › SMaSH › SMaSH Down XPA
Brewer › Chris Brumley
Style › Extra Pale Ale
Malt › Vienna
Hops › El Dorado
ABV › 5.6%
IBU › 33
Description › SMaSH Down extra pale ale is a SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) beer featuring Vienna malt and El Dorado hops. This crisp beer has aromas of tropical fruit and is the perfect adult beverage for the warming weather.

Wild-Ride-BrewWild Ride Brewing › SMaSH › Hundy SMASH IPL
Brewer › Paul Bergeman
Style › India Pale Lager
Malt › Mecca Grade Floor Malted Barley, from Central Oregon
Hops › Cascade
ABV › 5.7%
IBU › 40
Description ›  A beer in celebration of both our 100th batch of beer brewed, and for Central Oregon Beer Week. We reached out to our good friends at Mecca Grade Malting to source a new up-and-coming Malted Barley from our backyard. This malt is light pale in color and provides an excellent base with layers of flavors, including a pleasant sweetness with a full mouth feel. To complement this great malt we used one of our all-time favorite and most versatile hops, Cascade. The Cascade hop is known to provide both citrus qualities and floral notes in beer, which we believe works perfect for this India Pale Lager. Cheers to another wild ride during 2015 Central Oregon Beer Week!

JuniperJuniper Brewing › SMaSH › TomaHawkins II
Brewer(s) › Scott Lesmeister/Curtis Endicott
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › GW Munich
Hops › Tomahawk
ABV › 5.0%
IBU › 78
Description ›  The 100% Munich Malt bill provides a rich flavor and heavy copper hue, while the Tomahawk Hops pack in a great peppery and citrus aroma and flavors. Together they make a very pleasing brew that does not let you down! Cheers!!

Sisters SMaSH Brew

three-creeks-logoThree Creeks Brewing Co. › SMaSH › Southern Hemisphere SMASH
Brewer › Chris Hudson & Jordan Tandy
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Patagonia Extra Pale
Hops › New Zealand Wakatu
ABV › 5.5%
IBU › 45
Description ›  Brewed for Central Oregon Beer Week, this single malt single hop pale ale utilizes pale malt from Chile and a unique hop variety from New Zealand.

Sunriver SMaSH Brew

SBC-LogoSunriver Brewing › SMaSH › That’s a Knife
Brewer › Alexandra Holman
Style › IPA
Malt › Crisp Gleneagles Maris Otter
Hops › Australian Galaxy
ABV › 7.8%
IBU › 60
Description ›  Our 2015 COBW SMaSH IPA is brewed with 100% Crisp Gleneagles Maris Otter pale malt and Australian Galaxy hops. Gleneagles is the highest quality floor malted English barley available to US brewers and features a rich, sweet-biscuit flavor. Galaxy hops are Australia’s finest, adding intense citrus, peach and passion fruit character to this brew. Mick Dundee approves this message.

Beyond Central Oregon

Ecliptic Brewing › SMaSH › Spica
Brewer › John Harris
Style › Pilsner
Malt › Pale
Hops › Sterling
ABV › 5.5%
IBU › 38
Description ›  Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo. This German Style Pilsner is brewed in the un-filtered Kellerbier style. Pale malt is used exclusively to give the beer a nice malt body and light golden color. Sterling hops add a rich herbal character. The yeast left in the beer works with the hops to add a nice spicy flavor.

Salem Ale Works › SMaSH › Otter Hop
Brewer › Justin Ego
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Maris Otter
Hops › Calypso
ABV › 5.6%
IBU › 42
Description ›
Maris Otter malt and Calypso hops come together in this refreshing pale ale giving it a complex aroma, with notes of sweet lemon lime and hints of earthy tea.
Portland Brewing Co › SMaSH › Portland Brewing SMASH Pale Ale
Brewer › Ryan Pappe
Style › Pale
Malt › Goldpils Vienna
Hops › Simcoe
ABV › 5.6%
IBU › 35
Description › One hop and one malt combine for a dazzling display of a rich, bready malt base with lush pine and citrus hop notes.