2017 SMaSH Fest
May 27 at McMenamins O’kanes!

The 2017 SMaSH Fest will be hosted by McMenamin’s Old Saint Francis School at O’kanes, Saturday, May 27th!

WHAT › 2017 Central Oregon Beer Week “SMaSH Fest” with live music buy The Cutmen

WHEN › May 27, 2017. 11am – 9pm, Live Music 5:30pm – 8:30pm

WHERE › McMenamins Old St. Francis School O’Kanes Square

TICKETS › $25 includes admission, 12 tasters (4 ounces each) & commemorative pint glass.

This is an all ages event. Must be 21 & over to taste. Additional punch cards will be available for purchase. Food & non-alcoholic beverages will be served up by McMenamins and available for purchase.

Breweries will be pouring SMaSH (Single Malt Single Hop) craft beers made just for this event! Food & non-alcoholic beverages will be served up by McMenamins and available for purchase.

What’s a SMaSH? SMaSH is an acronym for “Single Malt and Single Hop”. Why SMaSH? The idea is to break brewing down to its basic elements and emphasize the flavor of a single malt and single hop variety. SMaSH emphasizes the flavor of a single malt and a single hop, letting both the brewer and you understand what each bring to the beer. Some styles like Pilsners, Lagers, and IPAs work better as SMaSH beers than others do, but the style chosen by our participating brewers is entirely up to them – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Stop by our SMaSH Fest for a chance to taste every one of these beers! Get Tickets!

2017 SMaSH Beer Participants

Bend SMaSH Brews

10 Barrel Brewing
SMaSH › Allure
Brewer › Ian Larkin
Style › American Fruited Sour Ale
Malt › Simpson Finest Lager Malt
Hops › Saphir
ABV › 4.6%
IBU › 5
Description › This delicate sour ale was brewed to have an almost champagne-like crisp body, thus accentuating the refined and delicate flavors of the prized Mangosteen Fruit (Garcinia mangostana). A sprinkling of German Saphir provides a clean and subtle hop balance. The post-fermentation addition of the tropical Purple Mangosteen adds nuanced sweet fruit flavors ranging from lychee to peach, ripe berries to white grapes, and underscored by hints of vanilla and citrus. This fruit is truly unique and is interpreted differently by those who are lucky enough to relish its juicy glory. Give in to temptation and seize the chance to savor this ethereal ale, as it may not happen again.

Bend Brewing Co
SMaSH › Volkssekt
Brewer › Josh Harned
Style › Berlinerweisse
Malt › Wheat
Hops › Northern Brewer Hops
ABV › 3.8%
IBU › 12
Description › 2016 world beer cup gold medal winner.

Boneyard Beer
Brewer › Tony Lawrence
Style › Pilsner
Malt › Rahr Pilsner
Hops › Czech Saaz
ABV › 5.0%
IBU › 30
Description › Traditional German-Style Pilsner brewed using age old lagering techniques.

CRAFT Kitchen + Brewery
SMaSH › Busted Promise
Brewer › Nate McAlipne
Style › IPA
Malt › Golden promise
Hops › Citra
ABV › 6.2%
IBU › 30
Description › This particular SMASH beer had no hops in the boil but uses a combination of whirlpool and dry hopping to get the smooth hop flavor. The nice sweet and nutty malt backbone comes from the Golden Promise malt while the 3 pounds per barrel of Citra hops add layers and layers of tropical and citrus character.

crux fermentation project
SMaSH › KaSmash!
Brewer › Cam O’Connor
Style ›Hybrid Hoppy/Citra Wit
Malt ›Pilsner
Hops ›Citra
ABV › 5.7%
IBU › 40
Description › A SMaSH hybrid ale of sorts. This beer is brewed with Citra hops and Pilsner malt, but fermented with a Belgian Wit yeast strain. Hoppy and Witty at the same time!

Deschutes Brewery
SMaSH › Loral Glory
Brewer › Robin Johnson
Style › Pale
Malt › Mecca Grade Lamonta
Hops ›Loral
ABV › 6.0%
Description › All the glory of the Loral hop has been laid forth in this pale ale. Lamonta from Mecca Grade Estate Malt provides the backbone of this beer. A light biscuit character balances nicely with the bitterness of the hops while the aroma features notes of berry, black tea and lemon.

Deschutes Brewery (Portland Brewpub)
SMaSH › SMaSH Berry Toast
Brewer › Jake Harper
Style › Hoppy Lager
Malt › Weyermann Dark Bohemian
Hops › Experimental 09326
ABV › 4.6%
IBU › 50
Description › Who doesn’t like toast and jam for breakfast? This easy drinking hoppy lager has a light body with bready notes and finishes with a huge blast of berry flavor and aroma.

Kobold Brewing
SMaSH › Mosaic SMaSH IPA
Brewer › Steve Anderson
Style ›IPA
Malt › Vienna
Hops › Mosaic
ABV › 6.5%
IBU › 65
Description ›This SMASH fuses a great malt with a freakishly amazing hop. Vienna malt is rich and complex; presenting toasted notes and a hint of biscuit. Add to this the awesome aroma and flavor of Mosaic hops and you get a delicious brew. The tropical fruit and pine aromas of Mosaic are irresistible. These aromatics carry over into the flavor and are accompanied by an earthy, dank, resinous character. This combo of malt and hop is a home run and at 6.5 and 65 you will want another.

McMenamins Old Saint Francis School
SMaSH › All Knotted Up Pale
Brewer › Mike “Curly” White
Style › Extra Pale Ale
Malt › Thomas Fawcett & Sons Pearl Pale
Hops › Ekuanot
ABV › 6.7%
IBU › 56
Description ›This light bodied pale ale was made with just one type of malt and one hop varietal but has an “extra” little something going! The overall fruity and subtle dank aroma comes from the plethora of Ekuanot hops used to tie everything together. A mild malt feel allows the full hop flavor to lasso your taste buds. The lasting bitterness is present with a touch of pine and citrus. Light enough to be a pale ale but enough flavor to keep you tongue tied!

Oblivion BrewingOblivion Brewing
SMaSH › Oblivious Blonde
Brewer › Darin Butschy
Style › Blonde Ale
Malt › Great Western 2-row
Hops › Cascade
ABV › 5.0%
IBU › 28
Description › Tawny-gold, mild hop nose, with hefty malt flavor, sweet, smooth, and sexy.

RiverBend Brewing
SMaSH › A Grade Above
Brewer › Chasen Schultz
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Mecca Grade Pelton
Hops › Experimental 06297
ABV › 6.0%
IBU › 45
Description › Smooth, yet bready malt base complimented by tropical orange, berry and vanilla hop aromatics.

Shade-Tree-BrewingShade Tree Brewing
SMaSH › Sohn von ein Buche
Brewer › Larry Johnson
Style › Rauchbier
Malt › Best Malz Rauchmalz
Hops › Cascade
ABV › 6.5%
IBU › 45
Description › Ein hundert prozent rauch malz mit der Amerikaner Cascade hopfen die malz es getrocknet uber buche wald feuer das geben ein stark rauchig geschmack bis der vollkommen bier. [A hundred percent smoke malt with the American cascade hop the malt it dried over beech forest fire giving a strongly smoky taste until the perfect beer.]

Worthy Brewing
SMaSH › At Yeast We Tried
Brewer › Zach Hoyopatubbi
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Mecca Grade Pelton
Hops › Citra
ABV › 4.8%
IBU › 32
Description › This extra pale Pale Ale was brewed utilizing a wild saccharomyces yeast strain, Mecca Grade Pelton (Pilsner) malt and a light touch of Citra hops. Prominent aromas of pineapple, papaya, and citrus party mix.

Redmond SMaSH Brews

Cascade Lakes Brewing
SMaSH › SMaSH ’Stache
Brewer › Phil Brey
Style › Extra Pale Ale
Malt › Pilsner
Hops › Simcoe
ABV › 6.2%
IBU › 26
Description › This Extra Pale Ale is a Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) beer featuring Pilsner malt and Simcoe hops. Light straw color, generous Simcoe hop aroma profile, with a clean, crisp finish. It might just leave you with a SMaSH ’Stache!
Wild Ride Brewing
SMaSH › Les is More SMaSH Imperial IPA
Brewer › Paul Bergeman
Style › IIPA
Malt › Northwest Premium Two Row Malted Barley
Hops › El Dorado
ABV › 8.0%
IBU › 85
Description ›Sometimes the best things in life come when keeping it simple. This Imperial IPA uses only one type of malted barley and one variety of hops, creating a SMaSH beer. Northwest Premium malted barley lays the foundation of this beer by creating a simple sweet flavor, before layers of El Dorado hops are added throughout the brew. These hops contribute both a rounded bitterness as well as pleasant tropical fruit notes. Less ingredients + more flavor = a delicious hop forward Imperial IPA.

Sisters SMaSH Brew

Three Creeks Brewing Co.
SMaSH › Ace Run
Brewer › Zach Beckwith
Style › Blonde Ale
Malt › Loughran Ale Malt
Hops › Experimental 06297
ABV › 5.0%
IBU › 25
Description › One malt, one hop, one throw; sometimes one is all it takes. Brewed with full flavored Irish ale malt and a new variety of hops from our friends at Hopsteiner, Ace Run is a full bodied blonde ale delicately hopped in the boil then dry hopped for a thirst quenching and sessionable blonde ale perfect for 18 holes.

Sunriver SMaSH Brew

Sunriver Brewing
SMaSH › Flashback IPA
Brewer › Kyle Spoon
Style › IPA
Malt › Maris Otter
Hops › Mosaic
ABV › 7.8%
IBU › 60
Description › Our 2017 COBW SMaSH IPA is brewed with 100% Maris Otter pale malt and Mosaic hops. The English grown malted barley is a blend of Crisp, Simpson’s and Thomas Fawcett brands and features a rich, sweet-biscuit flavor. We then used four different forms of Mosaic hops to provide a moderate bitterness with layers of blueberry, papaya and tangerine flavor and aroma.

Beyond Central Oregon

Breakside Brewing
SMaSH › Liquid Sunshine
Brewer › Ben Edmunds
Style › Pilsner
Malt › Weyermann Pilsner
Hops › Hallertau Hersbrucker
ABV › 5.2%
IBU › 35
Description › When we opened our new brewery, we made a committment to making a year-round German-style pilsner. Why? Despite the fact that these beers are time-consuming and technically challenging, we make this beer because we love this beer.
We import bagged German Pilsner malt and manually add 3,300 pounds to each batch because we believe that to make a great German pilsner, you need great German pilsner malt. We source all Hallertau Hersbrucker hops, which we prize for their mix of floral and “Noble” notes.
And then we wait. This beer is unfiltered, so we rely on natural lagering techniques (ie. long times and cold temperatures) to get this beer bright as sunshine.

Everybody’s Brewing
SMaSH › Euro S.M.A.S.H. IPA
Brewer › Doug Ellenberger
Style › IPA
Malt › 2-Row Pale
Hops › Mandarina Bavaria
ABV › 6.0%
IBU › 55
Description › A fruity, Mandarin Orange flavor, with lightly spicy notes of black pepper and chamomile. It has a pleasant, tangerine aroma, with a mellow and clean finish.

Fremont Brewing
SMaSH › Summer Ale
Brewer › Matt Lincecum
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › 2-Row Pale
Hops › Amarillo
ABV › 5.2%
IBU › 45
Description › Summer Ale is tangerine flower in a glass—endless days distilled into the sweet nectar of barley and hops. Four hundred and twenty reasons to enjoy this beer. Summer Ale is our answer to bigger is better. One grain, one hop. Simplicity…yet so much more.

Mazama Brewing
SMaSH › Deadline Pilsner
Brewer › Jeff Tobin
Style › Pilsner
Malt › Pilsner
Hops › Saaz
ABV › 5.7%
Description › Just like the refreshing waters of Deadline Falls, this Pilsner is sure to quench your thirst. This complex, straw colored beer has a bright clarity to it. Malt with bready, crackery notes is balanced by spicy floral hops and gives way to a crisp, dry finish.

Mazama Brewing
SMaSH › Uno Mas
Brewer › Jeff Tobin
Style › Vienna Lager
Malt › Vienna
Hops › Tetnang
ABV › 5.0%
Description › Vienna Lagers were popularized throughout Mexico in the late 19th century when Austrian brewers shared their recipes with Mexican breweries. Today, the beer is a staple of Mexican brewers and beer drinkers. Our Vienna Lager is brewed with traditional Austrian lagering techniques. This copper colored lager has a pleasant maltiness and medium body. It has a biscuity malt flavor and aroma and has a clean, crisp finish that will leave you asking for ¡Uno Mas!

Portland Brewing
SMaSH › S.M.A.S.H. Pale Ale
Brewer › Ryan Pappe
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Goldpils Vienna
Hops › El Dorado
ABV › 5.6%
IBU › 35
Description › El Dorado hops lend a firm but balanced bitterness with notes of tropical and stone fruits against a rich, bready malt base of Goldpils Vienna.

Yachats Brewing
SMaSH › Cashmere Outside
Brewer › Charlie Van Meter + Aaron Gillham
Style › Dry Hopped Sour
Malt › Mecca Grade Lamonta
Hops › Cashmere
ABV › 3.9%
Description › This sour ale is lactobacillus fermented and dry hopped with Cashmere hops giving it a bright, citrus, and herbal character. So how bout dat!

Big thanks to ALL of last years participating breweries!

SMaSH Fest is a festival for brewers by brewers, and an opportunity for craft beer lovers to enjoy very limited edition beers – mostly brewed just for this event. It’s also a way for us to give back to the less fortunate in our community. $2.50 of every ticket sold goes toward our local shelter The Bethlehem Inn. It’s a great way to supplement our yearly donations to this great organization and an awesome way for you to taste some special beers and help out a fellow human.

Hosted by our friends over at McMenamins St. Francis School, SMaSH Fest is open to all ages (21+ to taste) and breeds (pet friendly) and takes place in the cozy courtyard of O’kanes rain or shine. Beers are stationed around the courtyard, each with a ballot box for you to cast your vote for the much coveted People’s Choice Award!

And about that award – it’s customary for the previous years winner to brew the Official Central Oregon Beer Week Brew! This beer is truly unique to Central Oregon and will only be available during Beer Week at specified pubs, growler stations, and breweries. So good!

Live music, great beer, good cause! Cheers!