2016 Central Oregon Beer Week SMaSH Fest

Archive list of 2016 SMaSH Beer Participants

Bend SMaSH Brews

Bend Brewing Co › SMaSH ›Razz Tafari Sour Ale
Brewer › Ian Larkin
Style › Sour Ale
Malt › Weyermans Pilsner Malt
Hops › Northern Brewer Hops
ABV › 5%
IBU › 10
Description › This light sour ale was brewed with Oregon Raspberries, Fresh Lemongrass, and Citrus Zest. Our house Lactobacillus strain lends a pleasent tartness to balance the delicate fruit flavor, and champagne-like, dry finish of this sessionable sour. Razz Tafari is sure to leave you feeling cool and irie in the warm summer sun.

boneyard-beer-logoBoneyard Beer › SMaSH › PABO Pils
Brewer › Tony Lawrence
Style › Pilsner
Malt › Rahr Pilsner
Hops › Czech Saaz
ABV › 5%
IBU › 29
Description › A german style pilsner brewed according to Boneyard’s Reinheistgebot Purity Law adopted in 2015 in Bend, OR.

CRAFT Kitchen + Brewery › SMaSH › Honey Pils I’m SMaSHed
Brewer › Michael McMahon
Style ›Pilsner
Malt › Weyermann Pilsner
Hops › Hallertau
ABV › 4.5%
IBU › 23
Description › Honey Pilsner – Saaz hop with Wyerman Pilsner Malt. Light slightly malty with a floral hop finish

crux fermentation project › SMaSH › Zacca Smash
Brewer › Team Crux
Style ›IPA
Malt › Vienna
Hops › Azacca
ABV › 7.5%
IBU › 60
Description › Light in color due to only Vienna malt, but lots of it weighing in at 17 Plato Original Gravity. Bitter and hoppy due to two pounds of per barrel of Azacca Hops. What we’re expecting is notes of tropical fruit and Citrus with a clean bitterness.

Deschutes Brewery (Bend Brewpub) › SMaSH › The Modern Scouser
Brewer › Robin Johnson
Style › IPA
Malt › 2 Row
Hops › Exp #682
ABV › 6.8%
IBU › 83
Description › Brewed with a single malt and single hop variety to help accentuate their individual character. We used an experimental hop known only as 682. This hop has extremely high alpha acid content but has lineage from classic English varieties, giving it a modern bitterness with some classic herbal and spicy character.

Deschutes Brewery (Portland Brewpub) › SMaSH › Roza SMASH Beer
Brewer ›Ben Kehs
Style › IPA
Malt › 2 Row
Hops › Exp. 09326
ABV › 6.3%
IBU › 63
Description › This Northwest pale ale was constructed with one type of malt and one type of hop. The light malt body allows the hop to show off its juicy notes of grapefruit and berry. The hop is an experimental variety that came from Golden Gate Roza hop ranch in Washington.

Kobold Brewing › SMaSH › Simple Truth SMASH IPA
Brewer › Steve Anderson
Style › IPA
Malt › Maris Otter
Hops › Citra
ABV › 7.1%
IBU › 80
Description › Maris Otter Malts from Thomas Fawcett give this beer the perfect single malt profile. The Fawcett family is from Castleford, West Yorkshire where they have been making malt since the 1780’s. This malt has been a favorite with English brewers for its rich, slightly nutty flavor, making it superb for a SMASH. The Citra hops are awesome; dual use with high alpha acids for bittering and smooth floral and citrus aroma and flavor. The Truth is this SMASH is Simply the perfect union of malt and hops.

McMenamins Old Saint Francis School › SMaSH ›7 of a Kind SMaSH NW Pale
Brewer › Michael “Curly” White
Style › Pale
Malt › Golden Promise
Hops › Idaho 7
ABV › 6.6%
IBU › 65
Description › You all know of something that is “One of a Kind” right? Well what happens when you multiply this by 7? Well you get this SMaSH NW Pale that uses a first year harvested hop called Idaho 7 from Crosby Farms. To really engage in the flavor of this new hop we added the hop 7 different times throughout the boil as well as dry hopping the tank!! This allows the hop to really shine. Tropical fruit and slight citrus aroma starts you off. A round flavor of stone fruit mixed with a pine or a dank like finish really lingers in a way that will have you smacking your lips! A mellow malt flavor from the easy going Golden Promise grain is a fantastic balance to this hoppy beer. Try one today as it may not last very long!!

Oblivion BrewingOblivion Brewing › SMaSH › Obligator
Brewer › Darin Butschy
Style › Pilsner
Malt › Baird’s Pilsen
Hops › Hallertau
ABV › 4.8%
IBU › 30
Description › Pleasant complex malt with a bright hop flavor, creamy and well balanced!

RiverBend Brewing › SMaSH › Single and Ready to Mingle 
Brewer › Chasen Schultz
Style › NW Style Summer Ale
Malt › Best Malz Heidelberg
Hops › Pekko
ABV › 4.46%
IBU › 21
Description › This beer was brewed to be super light and super flavorful, yet super drinkable. Heidelberg malt from Germany provides a perfect base layer to lift up the Pekko hops, a new variety of NW hops said to give clean and pleasant flavors of citrus, pineapple, pears, and lemongrass.

Shade-Tree-BrewingShade Tree Brewing › SMaSH › IPF 540
Brewer › Larry Johnson
Style › IPA plus
Malt › Great Western Pale
Hops › Citra
ABV › 8.0%
IBU › 99
Description › Brewed during a rather impressive lightning storm (May 4th), the resultant ionization precipitated a symbiosis of hops and malt that will thrill the flavor receptors… oh, and lots of late hop additions.

Worthy Brewing › SMaSH › D.R.E.A.M. SMaSH 
Brewer › Jacob Zuchowski
Style › IRA
Malt › Best Red X
Hops › CTZ
ABV › 6%
IBU › 70+
Description › Dank Rules Everything Around Me. Loads of CTZ hops add a dank aroma with citrus and spice flavors and lingering bitterness. Best Red X malts lend a brilliant copper hue, with a nice, round, biscuity flavor.

Redmond SMaSH Brews

Cascade Lakes Brewing › SMaSH › Volcano Breath
Brewer › Phil Brey
Style › California Common
Malt › Munich
Hops › Mt Hood
ABV › 5.2%
IBU › 25
Description › A California Common lager, brewed with Munich malt and Mt Hood hops, fermented with a Steam Lager yeast.
Wild Ride Brewing › SMaSH › Thunder Flash SMaSH IPA
Brewer › Paul Bergeman
Style › IPA
Malt › Premium Two-Row
Hops › Mandarina Bavaria
ABV › 7.0%
IBU › 55
Description › Central Oregon loves its seasons and its beer, so we created an IPA that is bright and exciting just like spring in Central Oregon. By using premium two-row malted barley and Azacca Hops, this IPA is a true Single Malt and Single Hop beer. The malted barley creates the base of this beer and lends a clean, sweet, and pleasant mouth-feel for your enjoyment. Azacca hops are known to have a big citrus impact and add tropical fruit flavors and aromas such as papaya, mango, pineapple, and grapefruit. Be ready to let your taste buds experience the Thunder Flash!

Juniper Brewing › SMaSH › Jarrylo Got Me Going
Brewer › Curtis Endicott
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Maris Otter
Hops › Jarrylo
ABV › 5.6%
IBU › 42
Description › Jarrylo (Jar-ril-low) Hops are named after Jarilo, the Slavic God of Fertility and Springtime and add notes of banana, pear, spicy aromas and a wonderful bitterness. Blended this with the complexity and smooth biscuit character of the Maris Otter malt and they come together to make this beer one to fall in LOVE with on these gorgeous Central Oregon spring days!

Sisters SMaSH Brew

Three Creeks Brewing Co. › SMaSH › Gallagher
Brewer › Zach Beckwith
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Briess Goldpils Vienna
Hops › Huell Melon
ABV › 5%
IBU › 35
Description › Our 2016 SMASH entry is no joke! German Huell Melon hops are sledgehammered onto your tastebuds while Briess Goldpils Vienna malt creates balance and a golden color like on a pair of rainbow suspenders. Watch out in the front row!

Sunriver SMaSH Brew

Sunriver Brewing › SMaSH › Golden Goat
Brewer › Aaron Hofferber
Style › IPA
Malt › Simpson’s Finest Golden Promise
Hops › Cashmere
ABV › 7.8%
IBU › 60
Description › Our 2016 COBW SMaSH IPA is brewed with 100% Golden Promise pale malt and Cashmere hops. Golden Promise is a high quality Scottish Spring barley that produces a sweet, mellow flavor. Cashmere hops are a new
Yakima variety whose heritage includes Cascade and Northern Brewer, and displays peppered melon, lime peel and lemongrass notes.

Beyond Central Oregon

Ecliptic Brewing › SMaSH › Spica
Brewer › John Harris
Style › Pilsner
Malt › Pale
Hops › Sterling
ABV › 5.5%
IBU › 38
Description ›  Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo. This German Style Pilsner is brewed in the un-filtered Kellerbier style. Pale malt is used exclusively to give the beer a nice malt body and light golden color. Sterling hops add a rich herbal character. The yeast left in the beer works with the hops to add a nice spicy flavor.

Fort-GeorgeFort George Brewing › SMaSH › Hulk Smash Pale Ale
Brewer › Jack Harris
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Gambrinus Pilsner Malt
Hops › Lemondrop
ABV › 4.5%
IBU › Hulk no talk IBU’s
Description › Beer good. Hulk lazy, use only one hop.

Fremont Brewing › SMaSH › Summer Ale
Brewer › Carrie Guest
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › 2-Row Pale
Hops › Amarillo
ABV › 5.2%
IBU › 45
Description › Summer Ale is tangerine flower in a glass—endless days distilled into the sweet nectar of barley and hops. Four hundred and twenty reasons to enjoy this beer. Summer Ale is our answer to bigger is better. One grain, one hop. Simplicity…yet so much more.

Portland Brewing › SMaSH › Portland SMASH Pale Ale
Brewer › Ryan Pappe
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Goldpils Vienna
Hops › Simcoe
ABV › 5.6%
IBU › 35
Description › Draft Magazine top 25 beers of 2015. A citrusy northwest pale ale with a rich malt finish.