2014 Single Malt Single Hop Fest

Archive list of 2014 SMaSH Beer Participants

Bend SMaSH Brews

Below Grade BrewingBelow Grade Brewing › SMaSH › Faux Pilz
Brewer › Dean Wise
Style › Pilsener
Malt › Best Maltz Pilsener
Hops › Saaz
ABV › 6.1
IBU › +/- 60
Description ›  As the name suggests this is a beer that mimics a Pilsener; but does not involve lager yeast…why not? The yeast strain in this beer has a very clean flavor profile; perhaps indistinguishable from a true Pilsener…but you be the judge.

bend-brewing-logoBend Brewing Co › SMaSH › Mo Money
Brewer › Ian Larkin
Style › Session IPA
Malt › Crisp Maris Otter
Hops › Mosaic
ABV › 4.5
IBU › 38
Description ›  Some might say “MO Money – MO Problems”, but with this combination of bright, citrusy Mosaic Hops and mellow Maris Otter Malt, all you get is “MO Summertime Drinkin”. Everybody loves that sunshine, so lean back, and come along take a ride for your palate, cause today is a good day.

boneyard-beer-logoBoneyard Beer › SMaSH › Qualified (AKA Bone Light)
Brewer › Tony Lawrence
Style › ISA
Malt › Pils & 2 Row*
Hops › Mosaic
ABV › 4.3
IBU › 35
Description › Jokingly called an ASA (American Session Ale), but ISA is just more recognizable. We were thinking about spring and summertime enjoyment from the start, so we wanted it to be light on its feet with this refreshing citrusy character.

Bridge-99Bridge 99 › SMaSH › Bridge SMaSH
Brewer › Trever Hawman
Style › English IPA
Malt › Munich
Hops › Cascade
ABV › 5.7
IBU › 58
Description › Smooth malty amber in colored beer with just the right amount of hop.

Crux Fermentation Project › SMaSH › Vicky’s Red Headed Step Sister
Brewer › Larry Sidor
Style › AMA or Australian Marzen Ale
Malt › Best Red X
Hops › Vic Secret
ABV › 6.4
IBU › 60
Description › Brewed with 100% German malted RedX malt, 100% Australian Vic Secret hops, and British ale yeast. What could be more fitting for an oxymoron style of conflicted ingredients which would make a professional beer judges head explode? You be the judge of both these new ingredients to the American Craft beer scene. We won’t fill your head with superlatives of what the advertised attributes of these ingredients are or what our impressions are. We will let you decide. Looking forward to your comments.

Deschutes BreweryDeschutes Brewery › SMaSH › Cornicopi IPA
Brewer(s) › Veronica Vega, Matt Hahn
Style › American IPA
Malt › 2 Row
Hops › Experimental #586
ABV › 6.9
IBU › 72
Description › We were happy to report to the hop growers that experimental hop #586 brought forth an abundance and variety of fruit aromas along with a clean notable bitterness. SMASH brewing is a great way to test out new hop varieties, by placing the hop at the forefront of the recipe.

McMenamins Old St. Francis SchoolMcMenamins Old Saint Francis School › SMaSH › Hulk SMaSH Too
Brewer › Michael “Curly” White
Style › IPA
Malt › Baird’s Marris Otter Pale
Hops › Chinook
ABV › 6.3
IBU › 60
Description ›  SMaSH is an acronym for Single Malt and Single Hop. We here at OSF liked how our Hulk SMaSH turned out last year so we wanted to create something similar but different. Possibly the David Banner to last year’s Hulk? The Marris Otter Pale malt gives a nice biscuit and toasty malt flavor. Chinook hops were chosen for their piney bitterness yet subtle citrus tones. Made with the IPA style in mind this beer has an overall hop flavor that transforms its recipient into a hop lover. The front hop flavors do not anger your taste buds but rather give them the ability to conquer the slight lingering bitterness. The malt balance creates an alter ego if you will, which allows the finish of the drink to really pound its way through. SMaSH your idea of what an IPA can do, just like the Hulk smashes evil forces!

North-RimNorth Rim Brewing › SMaSH › Toasted Belgian
Brewer › Shane Neilsen
Style › Belgian Ale
Malt › Crystal 40
Hops › Hallertau Leaf Hops
ABV › 6.0
IBU › ~22
Description › Throw out everything that you think a Belgian style beer should be. This is not that beer!! This is a toasty carmel flavored ale that is fermented with a clean Belgian yeast. The Hallertau hops are noticeable but not overpowering. RETHINK EVERYTHING!!!!

Oblivion BrewingOblivion Brewing › SMaSH › Hop Candy
Brewer › Darin Butschy
Style › NW Pale Ale
Malt › Marris Otter
Hops › Zeus
ABV › 4.8
IBU › 55
Description › Hop Candy is a NW summer session pale ale, derived from Maris otter pale malt and Zeus hops. This high alpha hop is added 4 times throughout the brew, smashing your palette with a hop forward burst of grapefruit and lemon zest!

River-BendRiverBend Brewing › SMaSH › Shama Lama Simcoe
Brewer › Daniel Olsen
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Golden Promise 2 Row Pale Malt
Hops › Simcoe
ABV › 5.64
IBU › 32.12
Description › A twist to an American style pale ale. Brewed with 100% “Golden Promise Scotish 2 row pale malt” and hoped with the north wests very own cultivar. “Simcoe hops”
Very smooth and very refreshing carrying deep notes of pine supported by a strong scotish malt backbone.

Worthy BrewingWorthy Brewing › SMaSH › El Mariachi
Brewer › Chad Kennedy
Style › Pale Ale
Malt › Marris Otter
Hops › El Dorado
ABV › 5.7
IBU › 57
Description ›  Get the name? Ingenious, eh? El Dorado hops, Desperado movie, Maris Otter malt, El Mariachi (beer and movie). Pale Ale brewed with Maris Otter malt and El Dorado hops.

Prineville SMaSH Brew

SolsticeSolstice Brewing › SMaSH › Barker’s Bitter
Brewer › Joseph Barker
Style › Ordinary Bitter
Malt › Gambrinus ESB Pale Malt
Hops › Crystal Hops
ABV › 5.1
IBU › 20
Description ›  This single malt and single hop beer was created with Grambrinus ESB Pale malt and Crystal hops. A low temp fermentation temp has created a complex yeast and malt profile that brings out the bread and honey notes of this fine malt. But we couldn’t help our selves so we did a little dry hopping for a nontraditional bouquet!

Redmond SMaSH Brews

Cascade-LakesCascade Lakes Brewing › SMaSH › Paulina Lakes Pilsner
Brewer › John Van Duzer
Style › German style Pilsner
Malt › Weyermann Pilsner Malt
Hops › Czech Saaz
ABV › 4.5
IBU › 30
Description ›  Paulina Lake Pilsner is a classic German style Pilsner. Light straw in color and well hopped with European noble hops, this beer is fermented to a low final gravity. This leads to a beer with few residual sugars to create a dry, crisp lager with higher hops bitterness and aroma then your typical American Lager.

Wild-Ride-BrewWild Ride Brewing › SMaSH › A-Bomb SMaSH IPA
Brewer › Paul Bergeman
Style › IPA
Malt › Plump Stout
Hops › Ahtanum
ABV › 6.5
IBU › 70
Description › Take cover! The A-Bomb SMaSH IPA drops four major ingredients from around the world into your glass. Plump stout malt from Ireland gives this beer a bready, biscuit base for the expected detonation of flavor. The Ahtanum hops from the Pacific NW burst into the scene to radiate your taste buds with grapefruit peel, lemon zest, and aromatic pine tip flavors. The Kolsch yeast strain from Germany lends a rich flavor profile that accentuates the soft malt and the explosive hops. Lastly, the freshest water from the Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon allow all these flavors to fuse together in this IPA that will blow you away!

JuniperJuniper Brewing › SMaSH › Tomahawkins
Brewer(s) › Scott Lesmeister, John Hawkins (asst)
Style › RISA
Malt › Gambrinus Munich
Hops › Tomahawk
ABV › 5.8
IBU › 65
Description › India Red Ale, no wait, India Session Ale, no… Red India Session Ale…yeah, that works! Nice malt flavors coming off the Munich Malt, which also lends to the redness. All backed up with over a pound of Tomahawk Hops per Barrel and dry hopped to offer a great balance to the malty notes.

Sisters SMaSH Brew

three-creeks-logoThree Creek Brewing Co. › SMaSH › Lord Underwood’s Premium Bitter
Brewer › Zach Beckwith
Style › Premium Bitter
Malt › Thomas Fawcett Halcyon
Hops › UK EKG
ABV › 3.9
IBU › 25
Description ›  Brewed for Central Oregon Beer Week, this single malt single hop English style bitter uses Thomas Fawcett floor malted Halcyon malt and UK East Kent Golding hops. A traditional English yeast strain was used to create this classic session beer which accentuates the subtleties of the Halcyon malt and the classic noble character of the prized EKG hops.

Sunriver SMaSH Brew

SBC-LogoSunriver Brewing › SMaSH › Blotter
Brewer › Brett Thomas
Style › IPA
Malt › Thomas Fawcett & Sons – Maris Otter Pale Malt
Hops › Mosaic
ABV › 7.2
IBU › 70
Description ›  Our choice of single malt is Maris Otter pale malt from Thomas Fawcett & Sons in the UK. The Fawcett family has been producing the highest quality English barley since the 1700s, using traditional floor malting methods. This pale malt is rich, biscuity and slightly nutty. Our single hop is Mosaic (aka HBC 369 CV). This daughter of Simcoe is often referred to as the “wonder hop” due to its complex array of flavors and aromas – featuring earthy pine, tropical, stone fruit and blueberry notes.

*Although technically not a SMaSH, it’s really close and the crew over at Boneyard were able to shift their production schedule to make this beer happen for our event.